Kanji チュウたん
Romaji Chū-tan
Gender Female
Hair Color Light Purple
Eye Color Red
Height 178 cm (5'10")
Bust Size F
Zodiac God Statics
Zodiac God Rat
Rank 1
Patron Location South Kanto
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1

Sayaka Ohara

Chu-tan (チュウたん?) is the Zodiac God of rat and ranked as number 1, being the strongest Eto-shin. She was the main antagonist of the Etotama series, but now have become an ally.

Appearance Edit

Chu-tan has the appearance of a young woman with a tall figure and fair skin. She has long, straight but somewhat unruly light purple hair and sharp, dark red eyes. On her forehead, it sits three light purple crystals which take the form of rhombuses. She gives off a menacing look.

Being the zodiac's rat, she has two rat-ears, and also a tail. She wears a purple suit that covers her entire body except for her belly, and she also wears a yellow necklace.

After Takeru explained the experiences of him and Nyaa-tan, Chu-tan's new look was the opposite of the corrupted Chu-tan, she now has a white suit that covers her entire body except her belly, her necklace is now white, and the crystals on her forehead are now sky blue.

Personality Edit

Chu-tan initially despised Nyaa-tan, as she wants to destroy the cat clan. Although she is generally mature and level-headed, she is also very strong and merciless, wiping out many people in the Eto world. It later revealed that she is a Eto-shin, and is the strongest one which she takes great pride in.

She is also a very scrupulous Eto-shin who addresses all things with sincerity. She does not seem to have any soft side, and her deep hatred for Nyaa-tan is from that something happened in the past, before she got amnesia.

It is later revealed that in the past, Chu-tan was actually a very friendly Eto-shin. She always heard out the other Eto-musume's problems and feelings, and she always helped them whenever they were in trouble and needed help. She also had a close bond with Nyaa-tan and was somewhat of a leader. After Takeru explained the experiences of him and Nyaa-tan, Chu-tan reverted back to her original personality: a very friendly, caring, calm and soft-spoken young woman who always thinks about others.

Abilities Edit

Kagura Senguu Edit

Kagura Senguu, or Etotama Kagura Senguu, is special technique by Chu-tan. She learned it over 60 years ago, and it's actually a forbidden ritual that only gods can perform. It used against Mo-tan, in episode 10.

Relationships Edit

Nyaa-tan Edit

Chu-tan had a deep hatred towards Nyaa-tan and wanted to destroy the cat clan, which is because of their past. She also wants to fight her so she can destroy her. Chu-tan shows no mercy towards Nyaa-tan and is very hostile towards her.

However, in the past before Nyaa-tan got amnesia, they actually had a friendly relationship and were very close, closer to each other than with anybody else. What caused their drift was that Nyaa-tan was too busy traveling and because of her getting amnesia after her Etotama was injured by Etotama Kagura Senguu. When she got amnesia and forgot most of her memories, Chu-tan's hatred towards Nyaa-tan grew even stronger.

However, Chu-tan has always had a soft spot for Nyaa-tan. She confesses to Nyaa-tan that she felt lonely since Nyaa-tan was always traveling, and she missed her presence. And after Nyaa-tan purified Chu-tan's Etotama, they got her back to her usual self. As she has reverted back to her original personality and Nyaa-tan has regained some of her memories, their friendly relationship is now the same as before Nyaa-tan got amnesia. Chu-tan considers Nyaa-tan as one of her closest friends.

Shaa-tan Edit

Unlike the others, Shaa-tan has a rather friendly relationship with Chuu-tan. Shima-tan and Chuu-tan occasionally talk to each other about matters regarding the other Eto-shin, and they appear to spend time together quite often. Shaa-tan also used to worry a lot about her because of the deep hatred she felt towards Nyaa-tan.

Appearances Edit

Pretty Mode Edit

Character 03 img pretty In her pretty mode form, Chu-tan has a black rat-hat, with purple eyes, and she also have slightly shorter hair. Except that, her battle form is the same as her original look.

Manga Edit

Chu Manga Chuu-tan's appearance in the manga is the same as in the anime.

Trivia Edit

  • Her favorite food is a product stumbled upon around 4000 BC, Cheese.
  • It is stated that rats characteristics are charming, attractive, and crafty, which fits Chu-tan relatively well.
  • Her tail looks like a devil's, a sign that she is evil.