Kanji モ~たん
Romaji Moo-tan
Alias Pervert (by Nyaa-tan)
Gender Female
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Pink
Height 186cm
Weight 63kg
Bust Size F cup
Zodiac God Statics
Zodiac God Ox
Rank 2
Patron Location Tokai region
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1

Eriko Matsui

Mo-tan (モ~たん?) is a supporting character in the Etotama series. She is the Zodiac God of Ox and ranked as number 2.


Mo-tan is a tall well endowed girl that has wavy long pink hair that falls beneath her hips. She wears a bikini top with black and white Holstein-like patterns, denim shorts with a brown belt and also trousers 'connected' to the shorts, that has the same pattern as the bikini top. She has bright pink eyes and gives off a playful air. She also wears red gloves and a red ribbon-ish around her neck.

Being the the zodiac's ox; she has two elf-like ears sticking out from her hair, and she also has a piercing on one of her ears, and she also has a ox's tail. She also wears a ox hat.


Mo-tan is a cheerful airhead that doesn't take into account her surroundings as much as the others zodiac girls. However, she is very friendly and gentle.

Despite being friendly and gentle, Mo-tan is extremely perverted, usually directed to Nyaa-tan, who she claims to love. Mo-tan is also hyper, as she sometimes talk with a playful accent and constantly mixes English with her Japanese. She is also quite strong and cunning when it comes down to fighting, as shown in episodes 2 and 10, and is not to be underestimated, being able to fight on pair with Chu-tan, who is said to be the strongest Zodiac God, and being ranked second among the gods.       



She seems to be quite attached to Nyaa-tan. Mo-tan always wants to cuddle with her, and Mo-tan herself said that she loves her. This, however, makes Nyaa-tan irritated sometimes, but they are on good and friendly terms. Mo-tan cares for Nyaa-tan a lot, and Nyaa-tan cares for Mo-tan as well, but usually when she isn't so perverted.

Takeru AmatoEdit

Takeru and Mo-tan have a good relationship. Takeru sometimes thinks Mo-tan is quite weird due her perverseness towards Nyaa-tan. However, Mo-tan is very grateful to Takeru for taking care of Nyaa-tan, and she always brings them snacks and other goods when she visits Takeru and Nyaa-tan.


It is revealed that in the past (before Nyaa-tan's amnesia) Mo-tan and Nyaa-tan talked, and Mo-tan was standing in front of a grave of her human family. Mo-tan talked about she misses her human family, and how she wanted to make them happy and make them smile, and be with them more, but Nyaa-tan told her that if she wants people to smile, she needs to smile more herself, and Nyaa-tan also said that she will be her family. And after that, according to Mo-tan, there was a proposal, which is why Mo-tan is so attached to Nyaa-tan.


Pretty ModeEdit

Character 04 img pretty In her pretty mode form, Mo-tan has a cow hat that has a piercing on the nose. She also has the same clothing as her original one.


ETM Cha03 Mo-tan's appearance in the manga is the same as in the anime.


  • Surprisingly, she is a vegetarian.
  • She has over 60 pairs of Nyaa-tan's socks, all of which she stole.
  • She has a cowboy-inspired style, being the Ox god.
  • If you are an ox you are smart and patient. That is ironic because Mo-tan is a hyper airhead.