Kanji シマたん
Romaji Shima-tan
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Height 166 cm (5'5")
Weight 66 kg (146 lb)
Bust Size C
Zodiac God Statics
Zodiac God Tiger
Rank 3
Patron Location Kinki
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1

Yuiko Tatsumi

Shima-tan (シマたん?) is the Zodiac God of Tiger and is ranked as number 3, who is also the mentor of Nyaa-tan. She is a supporting character in the Etotama series.


Shima-tan takes the appearance of a young woman with an average build with a relatively tall height. She has straight, evenly-cut bangs which cover her forehead, and long, straight, braided black hair which is tied with a red ribbon. Shima-tan also has bright red eyes and rosy cheeks.

Her outfit consists of a red qipao with orange trims, brown stockings, and a tiger-striped bra and gloves. She also wears black heels. Being the zodiacs tiger, she has tiger ears and a tail.


Shima-tan appears to be a friendly and gentle girl, but she is rather very playful, hyper, and quite strong, hitting Uri-tan with her hands and leaving damage (despite Uri-tan being fragile).

Shima-tan is also shown to be very strong and smart when it comes to battle, and is one of the strongest Eto-shin's, being ranked 3rd.

She is naturally level-headed, serious and collected, and she prefers to stay calm most of the time and takes everything quite nicely. She also gives off an aura of mature-ness and is proper of her actions.


Nyaa-tan Edit

Nyaa-tan and Shima-tan are on good terms. Shima-tan is shown to be very serious and concerned about Nyaa-tan becoming an Eto-Musume and doesn't let her get the other Eto-shin's Soll/Lul seal without any effort. But Shima-tan does care for Nyaa-tan and thinks she is OK becoming an Eto-shin.

Takeru Amato Edit

Takeru and Shima-tan are also on good terms, despite not interacting much with each other. However, they can talk to each other about Nyaa-tan and her training. They also talked once alone in the night, revealing her fondness for snacks.

Dora-tan Edit

Shima-tan and Dora-tan are both on good terms, and they are usually seen with each other such as at a bar. They also seem to tolerate each other and they and friendly and good terms, and they are also the 'mentor' of Nyaa-tan.

Appearances Edit

Pretty Mode Edit

Character 05 img pretty In her pretty mode form, Shima-tan has a tiger-hat, that seems to have quite a angry face. Also, her shoes are more 'rounder', and she loses her bra. Besides that, her pretty mode form is like her original look.


  • Her favorite things are liquor, snacks and the plate the snacks were on.
  • The tiger-hat she has on her pretty mode form looks quite like Toradora!'s ''main tiger''.
  • If you're a Tiger, you're brave, competitive, and self-confident with leadership qualities, which describes her perfectly.