Kanji シマたん
Romaji Shima-tan
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Height 166cm
Weight 66kg
Bust Size C
Zodiac God Statics
Zodiac God Tiger
Rank 3
Patron Location Kinki
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1

Yuiko Tatsumi

Shima-tan (シマたん?) is a supporting character in the Etotama series. She is the Zodiac God of tiger and ranked as number 3. She is also the mentor of Nyaa-tan.


She has straight, long, braided black hair, tied with a red ribbon at the bottom which falls below her shoulders. Shima-tan also has bright red eyes.

Her outfit consists of a red mini-dress with orange trims, brown stockings, and a tiger-striped bra and gloves. She also wears black heels.

Being the zodiacs tiger, she has tiger ears and a tail.


At first glance, Shima-tan seems like a friendly and gentle girl (which she is really is), but she is rather very playful and hyper, and quite strong, hitting Uri-tan with her hands and leaving damage (despite Uri-tan being fragile).

Despite this, Shima-tan also has shown to be very strong and smart when it comes to battle, and is one of the strongest Eto-shin's, being ranked 3rd.

However, she is naturally calm, serious and collected, and she prefers to stay calm most of the time and takes everything quite nicely, and she also gives off a aura of mature-ness, and is proper of her actions. It also seems like she talks in a kansai dialect.


Nyaa-tan Edit

Nyaa-tan and Shima-tan are on good terms. And despite being on friendly terms, Shima-tan is shown to be very serious and concerned about Nyaa-tan becoming a Eto-musume and doesn't let her get the other Eto-shin's Soll/Lul seal without any effort. But Shima-tan does care for Nyaa-tan and thinks she is OK becoming a Eto-shin.

Takeru Amato Edit

Takeru and Shima-tan are also on good terms, despite not interacting so much with each other. However, they can talk with each other about Nyaa-tan, her training. They also talked once alone in the night, revealing her fondness of snacks.

Dora-tan Edit

Shima-tan and Dora-tan are both on good terms, and they are usually seen with each other, when they where hanging out at a bar. They also seem to tolerate each other and they and friendly and good terms, and they also is the 'mentor' of Nyaa-tan.

Appearances Edit

Pretty Mode Edit

Character 05 img pretty In her pretty mode form, Shima-tan has a tiger-hat, that seems to have quite a angry face. Also, her shoes are more 'rounder', and she loses her bra. Besides that, her pretty mode form is like her original look.


  • Her favorite things are liquor, snacks and the plate the snacks were on.
  • The tiger-hat she has on her pretty mode form looks quite like Toradora!'s ''main tiger''.