Takeru Amato
Kanji 天戸 タケル
Romaji Amato Takeru
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple/Amethyst
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1

Hiro Shimono

Takeru Amato (天戸 タケル Amato Takeru?) is the main protagonist of the Etotama series. He is a high school student who moved into Akihabara and now lives alone.

Appearance Edit

Takeru is a young, tall high school student. He has short black hair that reaches his chin, and he has red glasses that he wears over his amethyst eyes.

He wears a white shirt with black sleeves that show a tiny bit of white at the edges and two orange diamonds over-lapping eachother, one lighter then the other, and four black-and-white chess-like squares at the bottom of his shirt and at the folded bit at the top. To finish it off he wears a red tie that has the black-and-white squares at the bottom. Then, he finished the look off with a pair of black pants and light-gray shoes.

Personality Edit

Out of all of the free-loaders, Takeru Amato can probably be considered the only 'normal' person in here that holds common sense. Even through this, he takes everything quite nicely and doesn't seem to mind most things. He can also be considered languid by some people. Even though this, he is a quite benevolent. Also, most people would see him as a comedic 'Straight Man' with Nyaa-tan as his partner. He is also very friendly towards all people and is shown to be quite concerned about Nyaa-tan. However, he is almost always polite and cares for his friends.

Relationships Edit

Nyaa-tan Edit

Takeru and Nyaa-tan get along in a bit of a like-hate relationship. Sometimes, Takeru is grateful for the kind acts she does but once he figures out the hidden meaning, all of his respect immediately goes down the drain. He finds her a bit less then tolerable and always ends up with an anger vein popping out due to her actions. Despite all this, they are on good terms and care for each other. Has been hinted to having feelings.

Uri-tan Edit

Out of all of the Zodiac Girls, Takeru and Uri-tan enjoy their conversations with each-other and Takeru always relies on her to explain everything that's going on, like the ETM12. He also seems to treat Uri-tan a bit like his younger sister, due to everyone making her the mascot of the Zodiac Gods and doing the same, but it is barely noticeable and he mostly treats her on the same level as everyone else. Takeru tolerates Uri-tan more then everyone else due to knowing her about as long as Nyaa-tan.

Dora-tan Edit

Both Dora-tan and Takeru can tolerate each-others presence and have nothing against each-other. At first, Takeru had been a little wary of her after he had nearly been hit by her attack but when he realized the plot that Nyaa-tan had created, he eventually felt more comfortable. Dora-tan had commented that he was an 'interesting human' to the other Zodiac Girls, proving that she and Takeru were on good terms.

Mei-tan Edit

At first, the two didn't exactly interact with each other, but in the ends of episode 5, Takeru said that she had done a great job to heal him, and because of him feeling greatful, his Sol/Lull appeared. And after this, she claims to have fallen for him, and even said that she loves him like crazy. They are on good terms, however Takeru only sees her as a friend.

Appearances Edit

Manga Edit

ETM Cha01 In the manga, Takeru has the same appearance as in the anime. However, he has more 'sharper' eyes.

Trivia Edit

  • According to the official website, he is the only character in the series that has common-sense.
  • Takeru is also very good at shogi, shown in episode 9.

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