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Character 09 img adult
Kanji ウマたん
Romaji Uma-tan
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Orange
Height 172cm
Weight 60kg
Bust Size C
Zodiac God Statics
Zodiac God Horse
Rank 7
Patron Location Kyushu
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1

Ari Ozawa

Uma-tan (ウマたん?) is a supporting character in the Etotama series. She is the Zodiac God of horse and ranked as number 7.


Uma-tan has long, straight, dark purple-black hair that goes well past her waist and is tied up with a silver-metal horse-shoe and she has orange eyes.

Uma-tan wears a red skirt which is held up by a light pink ribbon and has a kimono under it. For foot-wear, she wears the traditional sandals and white socks. Also, Uma-tan holds a broom which has a chess piece-like white horse on the top of it and a carrot key-chain attached to the broom. Since she's a Zodiac God, she has two brown horse ears and like most of the Zodiac Gods, she possess a tail.


Uma-tan is very sensitive and thinks quite negatively, thinking that she is the reason all of the other zodiacs don't get remembered and becomes hard to deal with. She is also known to be timid due her lacking self-confidence, and she also worries quite alot and apologizes very often, sometimes even for nothing.

She is also a dreamer and tries to live up to it but many times she ends up in failure. She is also a little clumsy and troublesome, but underneath all of that, she is a kind-hearted and very friendly girl who cares for all of the zodiacs. However, Uma-tan can also be serious and mature when it comes to business, like Takamagahara Commemorative Maid Café Eto Manager's Cup.


Appearances Edit

Pretty mode Edit

Character 09 img pretty In her pretty mode form, Uma-tan has a horse-hat, decorated with yellow and white flowers in various sizes. She also has the same clothing as her original one. However, in her battle-form, she has red sandals instead of golden ones.

Manga Edit

ETM Cha08 Uma-tan's appearance in the manga is the same as in the anime.


  • Uma (?) is the Japanese word for 'Horse'.
  • If you're a horse, you're energetic, optimistic, and independent which ironic to her shy, sensitive, and negative-thinker self. This case is also the same to Mo-tan.