Kanji ウリたん
Romaji Uri-tan
Gender Female
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Aqua
Zodiac God Statics
Zodiac God Boar
Rank 12
Patron Location Okinawa
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1

Yumiri Hanamori

Uri-tan (ウリたん?) is the main deuteragonist of the Etotama series, whom is ranked above Nyaa-tan. She is the Zodiac God of boar, and ranked as number 12.

Appearance Edit

Uri-tan is a small, cute girl with big aqua eyes and rosy cheeks. She has mid-length greyish hair, tied into twin tails with pink-red ribbons on each side. She has a petite build, and can be considered quite short as well.

Her clothing consists of a pink dress decorated with two cherry flowers in the bottom right-hand side and a cherry blossom petal in the left-hand side of her chest. and hearts and orange arm-warmers that reach up to somewhere around her triceps. She also wears small black flats her ankles and end with small little pinkish-red ribbons that match the ones in her hair. Also, being the pig zodiac, she has small little orange ears, and boar fang-like hairclips on each side of her head, but unlike the other Zodiac Girls, she does not bear a tail, although it could just be hidden by her dress.

Personality Edit

Uri-tan is a polite cheerful air headed girl, that is sometimes shy, childish, but she has a very gentle heart. She has a very soft personality, and despite being fragile, she is shown to quite strong, hitting Nyaa-tan with her horns and leaving damage. And despite looking young, she knows how to speak and act.

She is absolutely obsessed with sesame oil, and loves buying and using it. If she could get a wish granted, it would be to be able to jump into a pool of sesame oil.



Uri-tan usually ends up having to remind Nyaa-tan about training. Mostly, both of them are on good terms and seem to be about on the level of friends. Later on, the two become close friends, and is almost always seen with each other. Uri-tan also worries about Nyaa-tan quite alot, like when she was fighting against Chuu-tan. It seems like Uri-tan cared for Nyaa-tan a lot when she sacrificed her life for her, however, she got revived after, as Eto-musumes can't die it seems like.

Takeru AmatoEdit

Uri-tan and Takeru is on good terms, and he treats her like a little sister. Sometimes, Takeru thinks it's a little weird how Uri-tan acts and so, but Takeru tolerates Uri-tan more then everyone else due to knowing her about as long as Nyaa-tan. Takeru became very sad when Uri-tan first "died", but became very happy when he learned that she simply revived.


Pretty ModeEdit

Urichan In her pretty mode form, Uri-tan has a orange boar-hat. She also wears a red ribbon around her neck and her arm warmers have red laces, while , and she also wears light pink pumpkin panties. Also, her dress now has a tailcoat and sewing lines, and her flats transform into mary janes. Except that, her battle form is the same as her original look.


ETM Cha13 Uri-tan's appearance in the manga is the same as in the anime.

Trivia Edit

  • She usually ends her sentences with "Desu desu" (infinitive form of "to be", doubled), when the usual would be a single "desu" or even when a phrase should end differently.
  • She actually lives in a hole, and comes into Takeru's house through it.
  • She is constantly dying, being the Zodiac God to die more frequently, and was the first Zodiac God to die (and, thus, to be revived).
  • If you are a Pig, you are brave, honest, and you never "hog" the attention.
  • She is the first Zodiac god to never seem to have a tail